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The rise and fall of space faring humanity.

The Current Board


(check out the Adventure Log for more detail explanations of the cards on the board)

Current Turn

Turn One:

Each player gets to add more detail to the history, creating a new Period, Event, or Scene. Players go in the following order:

  • Lew — Lens
  • Mick
  • Kevin
  • Josh — Legacy Player


The Doomed Colony of Epsilon Eridani. Being so close to Earth (at 10.5 light years) and with an exoplanet, Epsilon Eridani c (EEc) within its habitable zone, it becomes the ideal testing grounds for the copy, transmit, and print colony technologies. Colony: Epsilon Eridani is a doomed colony but not for lack of support or technological failure. In its postmortem, the AIs determine its failure to be the direct result of allowing humans to volunteer (a rampant breeding ground for selection- and self-selection-bias) for colonies. According to AI calculations, EEc is a demonstration of humanity’s future doom in miniature. With this split second analysis, the AIs make Epsilon Eridani the poster child of why human volunteerism must end.

Active Scenes

New Frontier: Planetfall


" Solve-It-All Things " — NO (Josh)
" Advanced Aliens " — NO (Mick)
" Planet Destroying Weapons " — NO (Kevin)

" Multitude of Aliens " — YES (Lew)
" Personal Ships and Interstellar Airfare " — YES (Kevin)

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