SciFi Microscope

New Frontier

Diaspora Event

When Is It?

The first wormhole colony


The EAS Vanguard, a printed exploration ship arrives in orbit about Epsilon Eridani c and prints its volunteer exploration and survey crew. The crew has been printed into “similar” bodies as to their source originals (to make the printed bodies exactly the same requires intensive and invasive testing; the AIs have determined such is not worth the bandwidth to transmit). Most of the new bodies have near perfect symmetry, low fat ratio, and more muscle mass. Because of “acceptable” deviations in limb length and incomplete pruning of the freshly printed brains, the exploratory/survey crew is given intensive physical and cognitive therapy for them to adapt to their freshly printed bodies. Once physically ready, the humans descend to the surface and pick a less than ideal spot for the first colony.




PolarSleuth PolarSleuth

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