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Fearing time is running out, the Artificial Intelligences embark on a desperate plan to evacuate the Earth. They build wormholes and send the “B” mouths to the most Earth-like exoplanets. By prioritizing evacuation zones based on population density, they leave much of the industrial world low on the list. This causes panic, more resentment, and more resistance. Every country with the resources to do so scrambles to make their own wormholes. The Artificial Intelligences seize abused wormholes to keep them from collapsing from unbalanced transitions which force many to seek other routes to leave the dying Earth. Due to the constant need to offset the exodus’ mass, new materials are returned to Earth which allow for the eventual reconstruction/revitalization of Earth’s ecology.


Note: The easiest city (using current infrastructure) in the world to evacuate (via single wormhole) is Tokyo with its bullet trains running to Osaka. At 275,000 people a day, it would still take 4 months to evacuate the city and 18 months to evacuate the islands of Japan. And, that is the easiest place on Earth to evacuate to another world. Either this is a long-term plan, or something else is happening.

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